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Deadhaus Sonata
Deadhaus SonataEarly gameplay / Pre-Alpha
Currently in development. Sound Design, plus music:
More info at Apocalypse Studios

(Get Set Games - More info soon!)

Operation Hellstorm

Operation Hellstorm - Trailer (go to 1:48 in the video to hear sound effects after the music)

Mythic Draconis

Mythic Draconis retro platformer
Additional sound effects, plus music

Mythic Draconis

Mythic Draconis  OST on Youtube:

Sound Design Remake of Blazing Angles

*Sound Design remake of Blazing Angels for demo:


Rutherford Manor

Rutherford Manor - Bone to Pick - Series in development - Series Promo.
Sound Design and Mix, plus music:
More info at Rutherford Manor | Facebook Page


Crabby Joe's

TV Commercial - Crabby Joe's
Sound Mix and added sound effects:
More info at Scout Media


This Is Gay Propaganda

This Is Gay Propaganda
Sound Edit, Sound Design, Audio Mix


CBC Docudrama Series

CBC Docudrama Series
Sound Design and Mix: