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Music by Steve Cupani

CBC - Canada Votes - Narrated by Jay Baruchel

The Garage (drama) - Working Together:

The Garage (drama) - Jack's Not Always Right:

Tracer (action) - Sharks and Wolves:

Recall (crime, drama) - Lonely Mikey:

Recall (crime, drama) - Full Moon Transition:

Recall (crime, drama) - Mikey's Montage - A Union of Gangs:

Recall (crime, drama) - Mikey Makes His Move:

Recall (crime, drama) - Recalling Happier Times:

Defective (action, sci-fi) - Trailer:

Defective (action, sci-fi) - Jean Confronts Rhett - Intrusion:

Defective (action, sci-fi) - The People Need A Hero:

Defective (action, sci-fi) - Rhett Decides To Help:

The Dark Stranger (animation, drama) - Opening:

The Dark Stranger (animation, drama) - Alyra:

The Dark Stranger (animation, drama) - Alyra's Debut:

The Dark Stranger (animation, drama) - Mr. Toth and The Wizard Telvin:

The Dark Stranger (animation, drama) - End Credits:

Huong Ga - Rise (action, drama) - New Beginnings:

Huong Ga - Rise (action, drama) - Elevator Attack:

Huong Ga - Rise (action, drama) - Striking Back:

Huong Ga - Rise (action, drama) - Paying Debts:

Huong Ga - Rise (action, drama) - Tung Hero:

Discovery/Nat-Geo - Breakout - Season 2 - Run To The Wall:

Discovery/Nat-Geo - Breakout - Season 2 - Blade:

Discovery/Nat-Geo - Breakout - Season 2 - Freezing Water:

Aeternus (sci-fi) - The Resistance:

Roadkill (thriller) - Dead Man's Boot:

Go Fish (drama) - Erica's Story:

Silent Garden (silent film - comedy, drama):